Java3d picking example

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Download Java3d picking example

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Java 3D provides picking utilities in its packages "com.sun.j3d.utils.pickfast" and "com.sun.j3d.utils.pickfast.behaviors". Java 3D example

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java3d example picking

I'm quite new to Java3D and especially picking. but this tutorial on mouse picking mentions having to enable pick reporting on an object in Two example applications of Java 3D's support for picking are presented here. The first example, in section 16.7, loads a VRML scene and reports the name of The pick canvas can be used to make a series of picks. For example, to initialize the pick canvas: PickCanvas pickCanvas = new PickCanvas(canvas, scene);

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and the Java 3D picking classes help you to do this in the following way: 1. Create a Java 3D. ? Selection. ? Example: public class Pick extends MouseAdapter. Dec 2, 2012 - To translate (and rotate) shapes, use the MouseBehavior classes. For example, with the following, rotate with left mouse button and translate Tutorial version 1.6 (Java 3D API v 1.2) .. Figure 4-13 Recipe for Using Mouse Picking Utility Classes . Figure 4-15 Parameters of PickCone pick shapes. Java Tips -- Java, Java, and more Java, Implementing picking with Picking Utility There are two basic approaches to using the picking features of Java 3D: use with occlusion testing - NeHe Tutorial JOGL Port ยท 3D shapes - NeHe Tutorial The Java 3D picking classes help you to do this, you can use them in the Here is a complete example that displays two objects (a cube and a sphere). The class PickingExample is needed. InteractionTest, Picking objects with the mouse. Using the class PickingTest the name of the picked object is printed.

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