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Download Visual basic using statement

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Feb 4, 2014 - There's two things wrong. First, you must remove the Dim keyword. The Using keyword replaces the Dim keyword. Both Dim and Using have the

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Mar 29, 2004 - The using statement obtains the resource specified, executes the statements and There is no equivalent for the using statement in Oct 12, 2010 - Since .NET 2.0, we are aware of using statement to perform resource intensive operations like database operations, file IO operations, etc. May 20, 2009 - Using has virtually the same syntax in VB as C#, assuming you're using .NET 2.0 or later (which implies the VB.NET v8 compiler or later). Just remove

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Originally Posted by Techno View Post. finally, using statement is used to import namespaces to access classes. not in are you thinking Nov 9, 2010 - I am converting some code from C# to VB.NET Outlook; using moExcel = Microsoft.Office. It is the using directive not the using statement. Tips/Tricks: Remove and Sort unnecessary using Statements in Visual Studio.Mar 21, 2013 - I just found out that like C#, VB. I should add that I am familiar with what the using statement does in that it disposes of the object when the Sep 3, 2009 - My primary language is C#, and there most people prefer "stacked" usings when you have many of them in the same scope: using (X) using (Y) using Declares the beginning of a Using block and optionally acquires the system resources that the block controls.

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