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Download Xsl result-document href

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Mar 11, 2009 - I know of the method where one creates an xsl:result-document node to have one <xsl:result-document href="test.xml"> <xsl:apply-templates

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The xsl:result-document instruction is used capture an output tree from the XSLT The form <xsl:result-document href="#abcd"> causes the result tree to be The Saxon CE documentation states: > The form <xsl:result-document href="?select=//table[1]/td"> where > the select parameter is an XPath expression that is5.1 xsl:result-document is disabled when extension functions are disabled The href attribute is the location to which the document should be written. Is there a way to use xsl:result-document and generate one single . it on href="{$uri}" instead of putting directly the string built with concat().

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result-document1-stylesheet.xsl select="products/product">; <xsl:result-document method="xml" href="product{@id}-output.xml">; <xsl:copy-of select=". Feb 18, 2002 - <xsl:output name="ccl:html" method="html" encoding="ISO-8859-1" /> <xsl:result-document href="index.html" format="ccl:html"> <html> <head> The xsl:result-document instruction always creates a final result tree, and a final .. instruction has been evaluated with the empty attribute href="" , then an error Mar 18, 2005 - href, The file name or fully qualified URL of the output file. format, The name I use this format in the xsl:result-document tag. From there, I use Mar 29, 2013 - <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="E:\Build\genVer.xsl"?> If necessary, post your XSLT code that uses <xsl:result-document> and I'll fix it for

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